Forest Exploration in bukit teresek


Most frequent questions and answers

Bukit Teresek is one of the most exciting and best places for nature lovers to enjoy trekking activities. This is because it is made up of high-density tropical rainforests, rich in natural treasures such as flora and fauna.

Relaxing trekking is possible by choosing the route to Bukit Teresek which is 1.7km from the Wildlife Headquarters. To reach the summit of Bukit Teresek, it takes only 30 – 45 minutes.

When you reach the summit of this Bukit Teresek at the height of 334 meters, you will be presented with a magnificent panoramic view of the Mount Tahan if the weather is favorable.

You will also get to see the canopy rainforest among the picturesque hills and valleys. If you find a boardwalk, it’s the route that takes you to the Canopy Bridge, one of the longest hanging bridges in the world.

Another challenging trekking path is the jungle trail. Trekking in this area requires nature lovers with high physical strength and endurance. This is because, traveling long hours, through natural trails, constant climbing on hills, traversing rivers and even staying in the woods.

An overnight location in the jungle can be selected either in the cave, on the lawn or in the Orang Asli village.

During this trekking activity, you will have the opportunity to experience the true nature of the forest. You can hear the sounds of crickets, seeing giant trees that have been around for hundreds of years, whose trunks are bigger than humans.

In fact, you can meet unique mushrooms and fungi, hear the chirping of tranquil forest birds, and the refreshing fresh and cool river water. Everything is beautifully preserved in the oldest forest in the world.