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As we prepare to return to the adventure activities at National Park, you have our commitment that now, more than ever, this remains true.

It is one of the world’s oldest deciduous rain-forest, estimated to be more than 130 million years old.

taman negara national park activities

It is the most compulsory activity for all visitors to try. Lets having a vacation at the National Park with  Rapid Shooting activity!

Rapid Shooting is a rugged outdoor activity that requires the participants to go through the seven rapids. It is along the Tembeling River in National Park via the traditional long boat.

Among the rapids that you will enjoy are Jeram Abai, Jeram Nusa, Jeram Teras, Jeram Panjang and many more.

More picture at: Rapid Shooting Story

Experience the uniqueness of the Indigenous people of the Batek tribe in Jeram Dedari.

It is inside the National Park area where forests are like the ‘food market’ for them.

Who would have thought that, while most of the indigenous people in Malaysia are increasingly allowing modern life to come into their daily lives, the Bateq tribe still retains their old customs and traditions?

More picture at : Aboriginal village visit

This is the favorite location of the priceless fish, Ikan Kelah! A kilogram of this fish can costs hundreds of ringgits.

Public are not allowed to fish and catch these Ikah Kelah because they are in the protected area by the Perhilitan.

More picture at : Ikan Kelah Sanctuary

If you are a fan of different nature challenges, you will definitely want to experience in observing different types of wildlife. It is come from different species.

The Pahang National Park has an excellent facility for you to seize the opportunity to see them from a very satisfactory distance, especially at night.

More picture at : Night walking

The adrenaline-pumping sensation can be felt as you step onto the Canopy Walk or the Pahang National Park Canopy Walk.

You can also capture the beauty of the flora and fauna

The Hanging Canopy is made of original woods tightened with rope.

More picture at :Canopy Walkway

2 Day 1 Night At Taman Negara Pahang Kepayang Cave, Category II type of protected areas declared by International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Let’s go to Jungle trekking in the inner jungle, Malaysia Jungle.

More picture at :Inner Jungle

One of the main targets of the people who enjoy fishing is to take over this tough, wild and cunning Ikan Kelah.

Ikan Kelah has been a favorite kind of fish to be caught among those who enjoy fishing. It is like a golden delight to those who catch it.

More picture at :Fishing at Kuala Tahan

It is said to be a complex, million-year-old limestone cave.

Kota Gelanggi Cave owns a booklet of myths and legends.

It is a very great place to add on the list of locations that you want to explore in the National Park.

More picture at : Kota Gelanggi Cave

Team Building needs process.

We deliver to our clients the process. We not deliver you any traditional class for your team building program.

Our trainer are well experience on matching the experiential learning moment with the team building process!

More picture at : Team Building

Aktiviti Yang boleh Dilakukan di Taman Negara

Aktiviti Yang boleh Dilakukan di Taman Negara

Aktiviti Yang boleh Dilakukan di Taman Negara Antara aktiviti yang menarik jika anda semua datang ke Taman Negara ke sini ialah pertama, bermalam di Bumbun. Anda bermalam di Bumbun adalah untuk memerhati hidupan liar yang melawat kawasan jenut berhampiran. Bayaran RM 5 setiap seorang dikenakan bagi ...

Bercuti di Musim Panas

Bercuti di Musim Panas

Bercuti di Musim Panas Pada musim panas, pilihan bercuti mungkin satu idea yang meragukan. Manakan tidak, jika pergi ke pantai, matahari akan membakar kulit-kulit. Jika pergi ke pulau, bahang-bahang akan terasa hingga ke tulang. Jika pergi ke bandar, berpeluhlah kita seharian. Apa kata kita berc ...

Tiger in Malaysia

Tiger in Malaysia

Never Let the Roars of a Tiger Die in Malaysia At one time around the 1950s, there were about 3,000 striped tigers in Peninsular Malaysia. Today, the number has dropped to less than 200 tigers in their main habitat. This situation is particularly alarming because the Panthera tigris jacksoni or ...







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