Lata Berkoh: The Greatest Location for Baths and Picnic!


Most frequent questions and answers

By boat, it will take around 45 minutes from the National Park Jetty through the rocky river.

You will be presented with the beauty and splendid panoramic greenery of the jungle on both sides along the way.

It is said that the dry season is the best time for you to visit Lata Berkoh because of its breathtaking beauty that is so worth it.

The rental price of a boat is just RM250 for 4 passengers driven by a driver and a helper

The refreshing and overwhelming experiences will definitely make you yearn for more and addicted to be in the water for as long as you can while alternating it with the foods and drinks brought.

A picnic by the river while bathing in the lush greenery of Lata Berkoh can be a refreshing experience for the body and emotions.

Make sure you bring everything you need, such as food, drinks, clothes that suitable for a picnic and baths! The cool, crystal clear water allows you to see clearly the sand and rocks underneath the stream.

Based on the experience of the visitors here, it would be great if you wear sandals to facilitate and ease your journey to Lata Berkoh.

When you have decided to take a holiday to this Pahang National Park, make sure to include Lata Berkoh at Sungai Tahan as a destination for you with family or friends.

It is a place to picnics and baths while enjoying the natural greenery accompanied by birds, bees, and other fauna.

In Lata Berkoh, the area is very wide and it has waterfalls in the section leading to the deeper part of the Tahan River.

There is also a shrine where you have the opportunity to take a bath while playing with the large-sized Ikan Kelah.