Look a like family day & company trip, but its a team building program!"


Most frequent questions and answers

Team Building needs process. We deliver to our clients the process. We not deliver you any traditional class for your team building program.

Our trainer are well experience on matching the experiential learning moment with the team building process!

Instead of giving them class and bored presentation of group, we create a company trip so that they can bond the relationship among them!

Look like company trip, but not that traditional company trip. From experience to learning

All operation company need cost. We want to turn client cost on holiday into team building program.

Believe us, it is look alike company trip. Only the functional trainer from our team can turn this event into a great moment to bond your team.

We encourage your company to undergoes this type of company trip because we actually want your trust level among team, communication process between staff, collaboration willingness inside team increase after join our program.

All of our content will not deliver in class, we will share as the outdoor activity run on the spot, it is call outdoor experiential learning.

These are the benefit of team building program:

  1. Increase confident to do good decision
  2. Communication process become easier than before program
  3. teammate is willing to share same value
  4. increases the productivity level
  5. Problem solving lead time will decrease!

Rapid Shooting
*Start from Kuala Tahan point and ending at Trenggan. Prepare to get wet
Visit Orang Asli Village
* chopping using bamboo & turning fires by using survival method

Night Jungle Walk
* Take an interpretation night trip and see the tropical rain forest in dark side.
– Bring your own flashlight

Jungle Trekking
* Exploring Flora and Tropical Forest Fauna in the National Park
Canopy walkway
– 530M length & 40M high
* Feel the Bridge Hanging Length & height longer and longer
Bukit Teresek
*See the peak view of Tahan Mountain

Day 1 : Dinner

Day 2 : Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 3 : Breakfast, lunch