The Excitement of Rapid Shooting


Most frequent questions and answers

Usually, this Rapid Shooting activity will be held in the afternoon where you can relieve stress after a day of walking in the woods, through Canopy Bridge and even climbing Bukit Teresek.

This Rapid Shooting in taking over the seven rapids will take about 45 minutes to 1-hour rides.​

This 45 minutes to one-hour journey will take you through 7 different river rapids of Tembeling river.​

The thrilling part of this Rapid Shooting activity is where you will always be being splashed by the water from your left and right as the boat is speeding against these currents.

The excitement is heightened when your helmsman races with your neighboring boat.

The boats that are moving fast and leaning towards left and right will surely make you scream out of lungs and it will definitely give you a great laugh!

Before you start with this Rapid Shooting activity, be sure to make the following preparations: –

  1. Keep your mobile phones tight and safe in a waterproof case or bring a waterproof camera like GoPro.
  2. You don’t have to bring a lot of stuff and don’t forget to put on a waterproof backpack too.
  3. Please put on the clothing that eases you to move around freely and appropriately when it gets wet by the fresh river stream.
  4. You don’t need to wear sports shoes or any kind of shoes that are heavy and absorb water. It is advisable for you to just wear slippers or sandals to ease your movements.
  5. Get ready to get wet!


The most favorable and fun time for this Rapid Shooting activity is when the water level is rising.

We can assure you, this thrilling ride will definitely make you scream out of excitement while clinging to the pole of the boat or to your friend next to you!

The final location of this Rapid Shooting activity will be at the Bateq Indigenous Village.