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The Mighty Mahseer Fish Sanctuary | Taman Negara Pahang National Park

The Mahseer fish, or also known as Kelah is the most elusive freshwater sport fish in Malaysia. The name ‘Mahi’ (fish) and ‘sher’ (tiger) originally from the Indian Gulf referred to as tiger among fish. They can be found in rapid streams, riverine pools or lakes of south and Southeast Asia.

Mahseer fish are known by their large scales, attractive body varies and potentially vast size. It can grow up to 250cm in length and 30kg in weight. They are edible and higher cost per kilo, as up to RM250 to RM300 per kilo. On average, a mature Mahseer fish can reach up to RM1, 000 and above.

The mighty Mahseer fish are protected in Kelah Sanctuary at National Park Malaysia

Because of this, Mahseer fishing activities become a popular freshwater sport fish. Indeed, amongst the fans, this large fish is known to be the toughest to catch. It is now enlisted by IUCN as an endangered and threatened species of fish. Therefore, in Taman Negara Pahang National Park, these Mahseer fish are protected in the Kelah Fish Sanctuary located at Lubok Tenor, 20 minutes from Kuala Tahan jetty.

In Kelah Fish Sanctuary, you can have fun with these Tor fish. The activities involved feeding, watching their lightning-fast, and touching and swimming with them.

The activities in Kelah Sanctuary mostly dealt with close encounters with the giant fish.

How to get there

Tenor Hole is accessible by a long boat ride from Kuala Tahan Jetty or National Park Pearl Pier. The longboat ride will cost you about RM160 per trip that can accommodate up to 4 passengers and two drivers.

Give your best shot!

Although this area is prohibited from fishing, there still an interesting rule to follow. The authorities allow you to bring back the fish, as long as you catch them by hand. Isn’t it interesting?

This is the time when many would give their best. However, catching a Mahseer fish is not an easy job. The title given as God’s fish makes many of us went back home with an empty hand. Indeed, you would go back with wet clothes and an extraordinary experience dealing with Kelah fish.

Don’t forget your must-do activity when visiting Taman Negara Pahang!

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