Taman Negara Maps

Taman Negara Maps

Taman Negara Maps

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Maps at Taman Negara Pahang, National Park Malaysia

As you see the maps, we can guess many outdoor activity can be done here. As it is design to promote tourism activity, many family based facilities has been developed here. It is include the

  • track of jungle trekking made by wooden track. It make easy to children for walking in the jungle
  • boat cover by roof  so that it can cover from hot sunlight.
  • rules observation by ranger to make family feel safe here.

3 Adventurous Activities at The National Park

Almost every day we are facing the tiredness and fatigue of busy city life. What about you take your family occasionally to Pahang National Park for a vacation! Would not it be cool and interesting?! Here, it is like a natural spa where your energy is refreshed by physical, emotional and mental therapy.

According to the maps, the National Park offers a variety of fun activities and amenities for visitors who want to experience and get close to nature.


A Walk Through the Canopy Bridge, the World’s Longest Bridge.

It is 550 meters long bridge. Whereas, the height of the forest floor is 45 meters, which is equivalent to a 15-story building. It takes around 30 to 40 minutes to reach the Titian Kanopi (Canopy Bridge) from the National Park Headquarters.

Only 600 visitors are allowed to pass through this Canopy Bridge for safety purposes. Each visitor who walks through this Canopy Bridge should be within 10 meters of each other. You have the opportunity to see the monkeys roaming in the morning, the Tembeling River and the view of the forest from a higher angle.


Hiking the Highest Mountain in Peninsular Malaysia

Challenge yourself to cross the forest and the river, and climb the hills for days to reach and capture the summit of Mount Tahan, the highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia. There are two routes for you to access Mount Tahan, it could be either from Merapoh or Kuala Tahan.

Make sure that you have prepared yourself physically and mentally to optimize your climbing activities later. There will be a lot of rare species of flora and fauna await you. At the end of your climb, you will also be presented with the stunning view of the Banjaran Tahan.


A Night in the Cave

How would you feel if you could spend the night in the cave with the bats? The National Park has many astonishing and magnificent limestone caves and these caves are still reserved for visitors to enjoy the experience. In fact, visitors can spend the night here and enjoy the nightlife of the limestone caves.

Apart from the Daun Menari Cave and the Kepayang Kecil Cave, the most common site chosen for camping is the Kepayang Besar Cave. A spacious space just like its name can accommodate up to 200 visitors at once. The distance from Kuala Terenggan to the Kepayang Besar Cave and the Kepayang Kecil Cave is about 4-hour drive, around 7.5km.

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