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What to Declare Upon Entering the Mount Tahan Trail | National Park Malaysia

Hiking preparation has 1001 tricks and checklists. You need to be fit physically and mentally. The preparation for cardiovascular fitness and leg strength is in the initial phase. Next, pertaining the procedures and documentation before entering the Mount Tahan trail.

Final preparation before entering the trail as every item need to be declared

Unfortunately, many hikers neglected or tend to forget the rules of entering mountain trails, especially among the newbie hikers. Each national park has its specific and different requirements as compared to others. It depends on the topography and policies gazette by the local authorities of the national park. 

As for the Mount Tahan trail, hikers need to declare everything they bring along at the inspection office. There are two inspection offices and eventually the access point into Taman Negara. The offices are through Sungai Relau (in Merapoh) and Kuala Tahan that also acts as the control tower and information for all hikers.

What to declare?

  • Declare yourself and belongings
  • Detailed information about yourself and the next of kin
  • Calculate food materials – needed to state the number of cans, plastics, bottles, and even candies that you tag along
  • Your personal belongings on the body are also counted!
  • Other accessories too – including sleeping bags, shoes and socks, batteries in the headlamp and etc.
  • Gadget materials and their detailed info
  • Prohibit items need to be taken out – such as wet tissues and rapeseed rope which difficult to dispose
  • Payment for any items and registration to permit
Every single item are counted and recorded in the system
You need to declare your belongings as well as payment

Indeed, the inspection is very meticulous and straight. Everything is recorded and taken into account. The process normally took about 15 – 20 minutes for everyone to declare and to repacking. It’s so thrilling that the inspection phase alone took about 1 to 2 hours to complete as everyone will be brief before the journey begins.

Pro tip:

1. Only 48 people are allowed to enter the trail per day due to safety reasons and sustainable protection.

2. Each group cannot exceed 12 people with one registered instructor.

3. A thorough count of your items after you come back and they issue fines for everything you don’t bring back


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