Visiting the Lubuk Tenor Ikan Kelah Sanctuary

This is the favorite location of the priceless fish, Ikan Kelah! A kilogram of this fish can costs hundreds of ringgits. Here, you are not allowed to fish and catch these Ikah Kelah because they are in the protected area by the Perhilitan.

The activities you can do here with family and friends are to swim and have fun with them, hand-feeding, watching their lightning-fast swimming action. The size of the Ikan Kelah here is so large and healthy that it can be overwhelming to see it.

You can get to this Lubuk Tenor by a longboat where you only have to pay RM200 that can accommodate up to 4 passengers and two drivers.

There are two options to head to the Lubuk Tenor – either from the Kuala Tahan Pier or the Mutiara National Park Pier where the main accommodation is located. The longboat ride will take about 30 minutes to reach the Kelah Sanctuary.

The Lubuk Tenor area is really relaxing. Underneath the calm stream, you would not expect to find how large and plump the Ikan Kelah are. They are always being fed by the visitors who come here, that’s answering to their sizes.

Although this area is prohibited from fishing, if you can catch an Ikan Kelah by hand, you can take the Ikan Kelah home without any issue. Isn’t it interesting?

This is a time when many would like to try their best. Those who can bring it home, he’s the best! However, it’s not as easy as you think. Ikan Kelah is among the hardest fish to catch. Good luck in bringing home your hand-catch Ikan Kelah!!!


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