A Trip in Disclosing the Mystery and Beauty of Kota Gelanggi Cave


Most frequent questions and answers

According to travelers who have been here, the best time to come here is in the afternoon where the view inside the cave is amazing as the sunlight penetrates into the cave creating a beautiful atmosphere.

During your visit to these caves, it will involve climbing, crawling or diving between narrow spaces.

Don’t worry if you are a fairly large person because, with a little skill, you can still run fit through it.

It is said to be a complex, million-year-old limestone cave. Kota Gelanggi Cave owns a booklet of myths and legends.

It is a very great place to add on the list of locations that you want to explore in the National Park.

As you explore the beauty of the caves with the splendid view of limestone structures on the floor and ceiling of the cave, you can hear the stories of legends and myths associated with this Kota Gelanggi Cave.

A legend that is frequently being linked to this cave is about two royal relatives, King Mambang and King Gelanggi who were fighting over each other to get married to a princess.

Eventually, the Sang Kelembai came to punish both of them for the fight and the whole kingdom disappeared from the radar as everything was sworn to stone. Isn’t it interesting?

To get here, it is highly recommended that you take a tour guide to avoid getting lost in the forest and the cave.

The uniqueness of the exploration in this cave is that many caves are connected. It is said that there are 100 caves there but only 12 of them are allowed to visit.

The Gelanggi Cave is also associated with the story of Mat Kilau that has an entrance that will take you to the Tongkat Cave where it forms a majestic gateway on the main road.

As you make your way further you will find the Terang Bulan Cave, which looks like a tunnel and is obscured by darkness.

Because of this, you are advised to bring a flashlight and be careful when passing through this cave because of the relatively smooth and slippery floor.

The cave adventure in Kota Gelanggi Cave starts from the Kepala Gajah Cave – Angin Cave – Gajah Cave – Sanding Cave which can be completed in 2 hours or less depending on the weather.