Fishing at Kuala Tahan


Most frequent questions and answers

Ikan Kelah is like a freshwater king. Fishing activities at Sungai Tahan, Pahang National Park have been allowed since May 2018.

The fishing activity is open only on Wednesday and Thursday every week under certain fishing conditions.

Areas allowed for fishing are range from Kuala Tahan to Jeram Bahala, Sungai Tahan.

One of the main targets of the people who enjoy fishing is to take over this tough, wild and cunning Ikan Kelah.

Ikan Kelah has been a favorite kind of fish to be caught among those who enjoy fishing as it is like a golden delight to those who catch it.

Due to its delicious and tasty meat, its edible scales, an Ikan Kelah can cost RM250 to RM300 per kilo.

This means that an Ikan Kelah can reach up to RM1,000 and above.

This fish is also great in observing its surrounding environment. They are also very sensitive to the presence of humans.

So, to capture this freshwater king, we are sharing with you some basic tips that you can practice while fishing at the Tahan River.


  1. If you come in large numbers, make sure that your seating is no more than 3 people for each hole you choose.
  2. Minimize your movement and if you want to talk, it is advisable to whisper.
  3. Make sure the environment is very quiet from human noises.
  4. Use bait that is made from cooked or fermented palm. This kind of bait is produced by soaking it in the water for 2 weeks until it emits a scent and is slightly oily. This bait is intended to pull a hook into your fishing line.
  5. The cooked palm is used by slicing it and placing it onto the hook. You can also place this palm into two or 3 hooks.

The most favorable and fun time for this Rapid Shooting activity is when the water level is rising.

We can assure you, this thrilling ride will definitely make you scream out of excitement while clinging to the pole of the boat or to your friend next to you!

The final location of this Rapid Shooting activity will be at the Bateq Indigenous Village.