Taman Negara National Park (15)

Caving Experience in National Park Malaysia

For visitors who seek an adventurous trip, Taman Negara offers the opportunity for caving activities to explore and experience the national caves. This recreational activity involved caves trail of Kepayang Besar, Kepayang Kecil, Gua Telinga (Ear Cave) and Gua Daun Menari.

Thrilled Limestone Caves Formation

The caves are unspoiled limestone caves formation comprising of excellent cave environment. Some are easily accessible with good lighting and flat walkways. Others might require more tougher journey. Scrambling over rocks, getting dirty and wet as well as wading up to waist-high water in the dark are normal things while caving.

For instance, to reach the popular limestone cave of Gua Telinga, you need to walk for 2.6km from the riverbank jetty. Instead, traveling by boat can shorten the time of about 10 minutes riding boat as compared with walking.

Let’s have a quick look at the real panorama inside these caves system in the national park.

At the entrance of tiger trail caves in Taman Negara Malaysia
In Kepayang Besar Cave where most cavers spend a night or two due to its flat land

Spend a splendid night in the cave

In the previous experience, most of our cavers will spend a night or two at these caves. The most popular spot for camping are at Kepayang Besar Cave. In here, there is a wide-open area that has beautiful access to lighting and good air circulation flow. It allows such caving activities of building campfire as well as cooking and other grouping activities.

The wide opening on top of roof cave produces excellent lighting and air circulation

Certainly, these caves have a complex system and unique limestone formation. Some of them were blended with mysterious legend and local folklore. These basic qualities of the cave system on dark, damp and narrow passages for sure offered you vast excitement and thrilling experience in caving exploration. Therefore, having an excellent guide not only bring your caving activities more thrill but also enrich you with stories and meaningful lesson to embrace.

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