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Norma Baru di Taman Negara AsiaCamp Resort💪💪💪

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AsiaCamp resort dilengkapi:

🎗Jambatan gantung🌁
🎗Restoran patuh SOP PKP🍹
🎗parking luas🅿️
🎗chalet yang jarak jauh dari chalet yang lain.

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🎗 Jambatan gantung terpanjang didunia🌉
🎗 Ribuan raja ikan bermain di Sungai jernih, Ikan Kelah!🐟🐟🐟
🎗 Kehidupan orang asli dihutan🌳🌳
🎗 peluang belajar buat api tanpa alat moden🔥🔥
🎗peluang melihat orang asli menyumpit🎯🎯

Bayar sekarang, datang bila-bila masa sahaja tahun ini💝💝💝

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Batek Indigenous People

The Outstanding Side of the Batek Indigenous People

The Hero of the River

The Batek Indigenous people or its educational term is Bateq Nigerito, who lives in the jungle and through the river. Their main transportation is a raft or fiber boat. Movement through these waterways is to transport themselves from one location to another since they are living a nomadic life. In addition, it has also become the “toys” to entertain the Batek Nigerito children. They built this raft by using the materials that they collect from the forest such as bamboo that are over ten feet long.

Apart from rafts, fiber boat is transportation with engines.  However, due to the high cost of buying, managing, maintaining, repairing and also the relatively high cost of gasoline, not many Batek Indigenous people are able to afford it. Because of this, rafts are the most convenient and affordable option for them.

The Hunters

The main source of food for the Batek Aboriginal people is by hunting either from the river or from the forest. Among the animals that they hunted are squirrels, frogs, monkeys, fish and many more. These animals are hunted and killed using the handmade blowpipe that is made from bamboo. The sharp tip of the bullet that is called damak is poisoned. Damak is used as a ‘bullet’ to kill these feral animals.

Their great skills in shooting the blowpipe have been taught and learned since they were little. At the beginning of the blowpipe lesson, the Batek Aboriginal children will be trained to use the blowpipe by tying their stomachs with rattan to see their strength in shooting the damak by blowing it out of the blowpipe. If the rattan is cut off naturally, the child is considered as eligible and ready to go for hunting with the adults.

Whenever they go hunting, they will bring the antidote to the poison that they put at the tip of their damak as a precautious step in case of emergency or accident.

National Park Malaysia, Rapid Shooting n Orang Asli The Bateq settlement @ Taman Negara Pahang

Natural Resources Explorers

Apart from their hunting activities, they are also experts at exploring natural resources such as wild yam, sweet potato, fruit, guava, bamboo, rattan, resin, honey and more. It is the responsibility of the Batek men to travel to the forests in search of natural resources that have an economic value. Meanwhile, Batek women are rarely out for hunt using the blowpipe as they will usually find food, herbs, sweet potatoes and fish that can be eaten immediately.

national park

COVID-19: Stay safe with AsiaCamp resort.

[Safety measures National Park Malaysia Resort implementation]

To Ensure You In Good Health Along Your Family Trip.

Your health and safety is always our top priority. As we prepare to return to the adventure activities at National Park, you have our commitment that now, more than ever, this remains true.

We are looking forward to once again connecting people and outdoor and recognise the duty to do so responsibly and with care.

AsiaCamp resort is working closely with regulators, local governments, and health authorities, including the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the and adhering to their expert advice.

While we are doing this, we also need your cooperation with the following to ensure that you have a smooth, memorable outdoor trip program with us:

1- First and foremost, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are eligible to join the program, you are not allowed to join if your body liase with COVID-19 simptom.

2- All AsiaCamp guest will be required to bring their own mask and wear it properly before, during and after the program, including during check-in and check-out.

Guest without a mask will be denied joining the activities.

3- AsiaCamp resort will undergo disinfection including a deep clean performed using cleaning apparatus in accordance by professional cleaning teams.

4- Every night , Facillities such as hall and restaurant goes under a through 2-hour cleaning procedure, in compliance with instructions from health authorities.

5- Temperature screening will take place at different times. Including before and after outdoor activities.

6- AsiaCamp resort staff will go through temperature checks after every 6 hours.

7- Social distancing will be observed with floor markers at queuing areas.

8- Hand sanitizers will be available through many facillities at AsiaCamp resort.

9- Pre-program briefings on safety and hygiene will be conducted for all staff to ensure we are consistently following the most up-to-date advice.

10- Contactless transaction and online documents to reduce surface and physical contact along the program.

11- All staff will be in protective equipment including masks and gloves.

12- We will observe seat distancing in the hall and outdoor centre.

13- Food Safety
All meals are produced and packaged hygienically following strict food safety requirements. Staff handling menu items will wear disposable gloves.

14- Our staff are well trained to assist with any medical situation during program including identification and isolation of anyone who may feel unwell.

15- Temperature checks will occur before activities where temperature screening is mandatory.

16- Health declaration forms will be handed out to be filled out before or on program.

We ask that you observe the universally recommended protective precautionary measures, including practising high personal hygiene.

Please be reminded, once again, that you are required to bring your own mask and wear it properly before, during and after the program; failing which, you will not be accepted on the resort.

Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to welcoming you to outdoor world again soon.

The wide opening on top of roof cave produces excellent lighting and air circulation

Why Malaysia can become among the best Country to visit after COVID-19?

Why Malaysia can become among the best Country to visit after COVID-19?

As COVID-19 pandemic put the tourism fall down, we Malaysian are dedicated to prepare a hand for all citizen around the world for coming to Malaysia.

We believe the power of tourism can exchange the positive culture to all human being. From the eyes of Malaysian people, we are welcome to all visitor to visit Malaysia.

Here are the reason why we believe Malaysia can become among the best Country to visit after COVID-19:

A. Our record shows that we break the chain of pandemic early than expected.

We are denying the stastistic of world agency on prediction of COVID-19. The number of outbreaks in the outbreak was 4,817 cases so far compared with the JP Morgan agency’s estimate of 6,000.

Furthermore, China Global TV Network (CGTN) lists Health Director-General of Malaysia, Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah among the top 3 doctors in the world among Covid-19 public health officials along with Dr Anthony Fauci of the United States and Ashley Bloomfield of New Zealand.

B. We proof that our citizen are obidient to goverment order. We agree on democracy. Everyone should have the right to move freely from one place to another place. However, we manage to follow order of goverment for the sake of breaking the chain of COVID-19.

It shows to all of our visitor, Malaysia can become a safe place to visit as we tend to follow the instruction from goverment. We want to break the chain of the pandemic as soon as possible to welcome the world to out country.

C. A Russian cargo engineer who got sick during Movement Control Order who asking for food after running out of money was sent to the Russian Embassy today.

Temerloh district police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Yusri Othman said the 42-year-old was sent by police to the Russian Embassy by the help of local people.

That fact shows that our citizen are very supportive. Again, dont worry about your safety at Malaysia. Malaysian people will help you if anything you need.

Welcome to Malaysia.
Welcome back!
Visit to Malaysia!

Taman Negara FUN RUN


Kepada sesiapa yang berminat untuk menyertai ‘Taman Negara Fun Run’ boleh berhubung terus dengan saya..

Terbuka kepada 3 kategori


Yuran penyertaan RM30.00 sahaja

Tarikh sperti dalam banner dibawah👇👇👇

50 penyertaan terawal layak mendapat t-shirt Dan medal..

Tempahan berserta bayaran..

Info lebih lanjut…bleh hubungi no wassap dibwah..

Terbuka kpd semua..❤

Servis Nature Guide di Kuala Gandah

Ok harini kita cerita servis yang nature guide provide di Kuala Gandah ..

Servis biasa – untuk servis ni ,guide akn bawa pelancong ikuti jadual aktiviti yang biasa tersedia di Kuala Gandah ..lepas tayangan video ,pelancong akn di bawa ke tempt anak gajah ..guides akn bg keterangan detail mgnai setiap ank gajah ..pelancong bole utarakan ap2 pertanyaan worries ,guide kami sgt sabar ..😁😁😁

Pelancong akn di bawa ke tepi sungai utk lihat gajah besar bersihkan diri ..boleh laa tengok gajah2 ni bermanja ketika dimandikan dgn mahout mereka ..🐘🐘🐘

Selepas itu ,pelancong akn di bawa utk ‘show’ gajah dewasa ..mse ni gajah kita ‘show off’ kebolehan dorg ..jgn slh fhm ,’show’ ni bkn pertunjukkan sarkas – nak tau kne dtg tengok sendiri ~~

Jika ada aktiviti mandi bersama ank gajah ,guide anda akn bawa anda terus ke tempat sblum memulakan aktiviti ..jgn lupa bawa camera ..☺️☺️☺️

Oke post kita cerita servis yg lain pulak ..stay tuned ! 😊😊😊

Educational Activity Kuala Gandah

Harini kita cerita untuk servis kedua yang ditawarkan kat Kuala Gandah ..😊😊😊

Educational activity – Aktiviti ni lebih kepada interactive tour which means pelancong akan lebih dekat dengan gajah dan dapat lebih info mengenai Pusat Konservasi Gajah Kuala Gandah ni ..boleh cakap aktiviti ni esklusif tau …nak tau ? mai kita story ~~~

Oke ,,selalunya Edu ni start jam 10.30am akan bagi ‘briefing’ kepada pelancong ..lepas tu pelancong akan di bawa ke paddock anak gajah ..untuk Educational activity ni , pelancong akan di bawa ke belakang paddock ..yg ambil aktiviti ni je tau boleh buat mcm ni ..esklusif kannn ..kat sini guide akan cerita detail pasal anak gajah ..pelancong boleh hand-feeding ank gajah ,pegang dann ~~kena datang ambil Educational activity dlu …

Lepas dah dpt info ank gajah , guide akan bawa pelancong untuk ke galeri .. kat galeri ni , pelancong akan didedahkan mengenai cara menangkap dan mengawal gajah denak ..jangan risau ,guides kita terer bercerita ..confirm tak bosan punyalahh ..😆😆😆

Dah selesai kat galeri ,pelancong akan di bawa ke ‘free roaming area’ ..kat sini pelancong boleh tengok gajah dewasa ..tengok cara mereka lakukan aktiviti harian kalau dalam hutan ..nak tau apa mereka buat ?? ~~~~🐘🐘🐘

Selesai aktiviti Edu so pelancong boleh menjamu selera di Jumbo Cafe dan sambung aktiviti mcm biasa utk sesi petang – yg ni boleh baca post utk servis biasa keyh ..servis guide sambung sampai petang tau ..😁😁😁
Pssttt ..servis ni boleh di ambil sama ada by group atau individual ..jgn risau ..pasti puas hati ..👍👍👍

Next nanti kita cerita lagi servis lain ..stay tuned !! ❤️❤️❤️