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5 Facts on Differences of National Park VS Wildlife Sanctuary | Taman Negara Malaysia

Hi guys!

Today I like to share my thoughts on the differences between national parks and the wildlife sanctuary. Have you heard these kinds of statements? Have they sounded any familiar to you?

“Yeay, there are not many animals can be found in the national park..”
“…we feel kind of lonely in here and not much things to do…”
“We’d been here for two days and only met some chickens, lizard and some buffaloes during river crossing yesterday”.

Daaaa…For goodness sake? Like seriously?

Since, the last two decades when people started to realize about a healthy lifestyle, people actively went hiking, cycling or even exploring mother nature. Therefore, people endeavor to come into national parks. Hoping to become active and fit while enjoying what these kinds of places can offer.

Truly, jump into the conclusion that national parks are similar to those wildlife sanctuaries will eventually make the industry collapse. People will think the information is exaggerated. The services are overrated and everything just marketing with no actual animals in the national park.

Oh, come on guys!

What differs one to another?

  1. The national park covers a wider area of protection to the entire ecosystem, while the wildlife sanctuary provides protection of living conditions to the wild animals.
  2. National park focuses on the entities of the whole ecosystem such as flora, fauna, landscape and geographical topography. As for the sanctuary, it focuses on the micro aspect of animals, not limited to birds, insects, and reptiles.
  3. In terms of limitation, the national park is highly restricted with some are gazetted under the national plan and policy. As for the sanctuary, it is less restricted and likely open to the public all the time.
  4. To enter into the national park, you need permission or sometimes not allowed at all. In contrast, the wildlife sanctuary acquired no such permission and allowed up to a certain extent.
  5. Lastly, the boundaries of national parks are fixed and monitored by the local authorities. As for the sanctuary, the boundaries are not fixed and handled by the private authorities.

Understanding these differences between the national park and wildlife sanctuary brings clear direction and planning. Aiming to meet the protected pygmy elephant, you need to go to Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary. However, if you aiming for a panorama view of Endurance Mountain, you go to Kuala Tahan National Park in climbing the trail.

Crystal clear? Wish you all the best and let’s protect our nature by educating ourselves in the first place.

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