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What to Declare Upon Entering the Mount Tahan Trail | National Park Malaysia

Hiking preparation has 1001 tricks and checklists. You need to be fit physically and mentally. The preparation for cardiovascular fitness and leg strength is in the initial phase. Next, pertaining the procedures and documentation before entering the Mount Tahan trail.

Final preparation before entering the trail as every item need to be declared

Unfortunately, many hikers neglected or tend to forget the rules of entering mountain trails, especially among the newbie hikers. Each national park has its specific and different requirements as compared to others. It depends on the topography and policies gazette by the local authorities of the national park. 

As for the Mount Tahan trail, hikers need to declare everything they bring along at the inspection office. There are two inspection offices and eventually the access point into Taman Negara. The offices are through Sungai Relau (in Merapoh) and Kuala Tahan that also acts as the control tower and information for all hikers.

What to declare?

  • Declare yourself and belongings
  • Detailed information about yourself and the next of kin
  • Calculate food materials – needed to state the number of cans, plastics, bottles, and even candies that you tag along
  • Your personal belongings on the body are also counted!
  • Other accessories too – including sleeping bags, shoes and socks, batteries in the headlamp and etc.
  • Gadget materials and their detailed info
  • Prohibit items need to be taken out – such as wet tissues and rapeseed rope which difficult to dispose
  • Payment for any items and registration to permit
Every single item are counted and recorded in the system
You need to declare your belongings as well as payment

Indeed, the inspection is very meticulous and straight. Everything is recorded and taken into account. The process normally took about 15 – 20 minutes for everyone to declare and to repacking. It’s so thrilling that the inspection phase alone took about 1 to 2 hours to complete as everyone will be brief before the journey begins.

Pro tip:

1. Only 48 people are allowed to enter the trail per day due to safety reasons and sustainable protection.

2. Each group cannot exceed 12 people with one registered instructor.

3. A thorough count of your items after you come back and they issue fines for everything you don’t bring back

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The Mighty Mahseer Fish Sanctuary | Taman Negara Pahang National Park

The Mahseer fish, or also known as Kelah is the most elusive freshwater sport fish in Malaysia. The name ‘Mahi’ (fish) and ‘sher’ (tiger) originally from the Indian Gulf referred to as tiger among fish. They can be found in rapid streams, riverine pools or lakes of south and Southeast Asia.

Mahseer fish are known by their large scales, attractive body varies and potentially vast size. It can grow up to 250cm in length and 30kg in weight. They are edible and higher cost per kilo, as up to RM250 to RM300 per kilo. On average, a mature Mahseer fish can reach up to RM1, 000 and above.

The mighty Mahseer fish are protected in Kelah Sanctuary at National Park Malaysia

Because of this, Mahseer fishing activities become a popular freshwater sport fish. Indeed, amongst the fans, this large fish is known to be the toughest to catch. It is now enlisted by IUCN as an endangered and threatened species of fish. Therefore, in Taman Negara Pahang National Park, these Mahseer fish are protected in the Kelah Fish Sanctuary located at Lubok Tenor, 20 minutes from Kuala Tahan jetty.

In Kelah Fish Sanctuary, you can have fun with these Tor fish. The activities involved feeding, watching their lightning-fast, and touching and swimming with them.

The activities in Kelah Sanctuary mostly dealt with close encounters with the giant fish.

How to get there

Tenor Hole is accessible by a long boat ride from Kuala Tahan Jetty or National Park Pearl Pier. The longboat ride will cost you about RM160 per trip that can accommodate up to 4 passengers and two drivers.

Give your best shot!

Although this area is prohibited from fishing, there still an interesting rule to follow. The authorities allow you to bring back the fish, as long as you catch them by hand. Isn’t it interesting?

This is the time when many would give their best. However, catching a Mahseer fish is not an easy job. The title given as God’s fish makes many of us went back home with an empty hand. Indeed, you would go back with wet clothes and an extraordinary experience dealing with Kelah fish.

Don’t forget your must-do activity when visiting Taman Negara Pahang!

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Kelah sanctuary at Lata Berkoh, Taman Negara



10 Best Activities to do in Taman Negara Pahang (with photos)

Wondering about what best activities to do in Taman Negara Pahang?

We welcome aboard for visitors to choose their types of adventures to explore here in National Park Malaysia. Indeed, there are a bunch of exciting outdoor activities to discover of what mother nature in Taman Negara Pahang has to offer. Taman Negara is located at Kuala Tahan, Pahang. It will take 3 hours approximately to arrive from Kuala Lumpur. It is a must place to visit in Malaysia among the international tourist.

Let’s check it out Taman Negara activities!

1) Jungle trekking to Bukit Teresek – explore the tricky forest pathways of the oldest rainforest in the world.

The simple trek takes about 20 minutes and up to 7 days depending on the destination. Along the way, there are grey-haired monkeys and white-eyed leaf monkeys roaming from tree to tree peeking at you. You can see the beautiful scenery along peak of Tahan Mount here. The trek is easy and has the special wooden pedestrian to make it family friendly use. 

Usually, the family are doing this activity in the morning so that you can feel the air freshness. If you book AsiaCamp Resort, they provide free shuttle to Kuala Tahan Jetty and just pay RM1 to cross the river for starting the activity.


Challenging jungle trekking trek will thrill you along the way to the peak of Bukit Teresek.

2) Walking the Canopy – lets venture into the longest suspension bridge in the world.

The canopy bridge is about 550 meters long.  It takes an average of 10 minutes of walking. With the height of 45 meters from the forest floor, it surely offers you scenic and panorama view of the surrounding forest floor. You may choose two method to arrive at canopy walk way.

First method- walking with your group. It will take 20 minutes to reach the place. You can enjoy the beautiful environment while walking in the jungle. 

Second method – You can reach there by using villagers boat. The boat will pass by the Tahan River in order to bring you here.

Bird watching activity from the canopy’s view and perspective

3) Inner Jungle– spend your time spelunking wild caves environment.

This is most favorable place visit by European such as from Netherland and Austria. Visitors can enjoy the thrill track made by nature. The best moment of inner jungle is when you sleep at the Kepayang Caves. It is a large cave at National park.

You may refer here to the itinerary of inner jungle : https://www.kuala-tahan.com/inner-jungle-packages/

Exploring the cave system and environment need more patience as it’s more thrill with difficult obstacle and pathway

4) Peeking  – the wildlife activity in the huts.

For those who interested in observing the wildlife in their natural habitat, this activity will suit you best. Watching them closely will embrace your understanding of the ecosystem of the jungle.

5) Bird watching – the best soothing activity.

With more than 600 species of birds in Taman Negara, surely you can find your favourite one. Their diversities in colour, size, and body, as well as sound, will surely become the best therapy to enjoy yourselves and left your life problems aside.


6. Paying a visit to the native people of Bateq.

Let seeing closely of their lifestyle on hunting foods and surviving as well as making handicrafts.

The entrance to the native village

7. Discover the fishing vortex of a 20-pound fish at permitted locations.

For visitors with big fans of fishing activity, you should try this!


Lata Berkoh

8. Climbing Mount Tahan – the highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia.

With the height of 2,187m from the sea level, the panorama view of Standing Range will surely become the best activities and precious moments in a lifetime.

9.  Nurturing the biggest earth-mammal – at Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary.

Lifetime exposure to touch, cuddle and even bathing the Borneo Pygmy Elephants. Don’t miss the chance!

10. River crossing – encounter beautiful waterfalls and river picnic.

Using a long boat ride up to the Tembeling River to explore the national park through a river crossing.

Indeed, Taman Negara Pahang National Park is a natural paradise you must experience. An adventure of a lifetime and best activities awaits you here!!!

Magnificent Bird Watching | Taman Negara Pahang National Park Malaysia

Taman Negara Pahang National Park indeed is the second paradise for bird watching activities. It is a home for more than 380 species of birds. Up to 2019, there are 479 species of birds that have been identified in this national park. Out of these numbers, there are 25 species of birds that are globally threatened.

Let’s discover new species in here!

Apart from that, the experts also identified another 6 new species found in the national park. These birds are from the cold climatic country. They are said to travel south and stop here from September to December before returning to their native state to lay eggs.

Amongst the globally threatened species that can be found in the national park are; Storm’s Stork, Masked Finfoot, Large Green-Pigeon, Wallace’s Hawk-Eagle, White-fronted Scops-Owl, and Wreathed Hornbill. These birds are listed as Near-threatened, Endangered or Vulnerable species in the World Bird Database system.

Refer here: https://avibase.bsc-eoc.org/checklist.jsp?region=MYmaph02&list=howardmoore

burung terancam

Indeed, these birds are unique in color, size and body vary. Therefore, the bird watching activities created an opportunity for better understanding them. It is also a way of therapy for stress management and bad lifestyles. It is said that these wild birds are sensitive to the presence of humans. Therefore, simple noises from the footsteps and human voices can easily take them away. However, their whirlwinds and sounds will surely are soothing and refreshing throughout your stay.

Bird watching activities are a great way to understand the birds

Therefore, for those bird lovers out there, come and grab the opportunity to watch your favorite birds here in the Taman Negara Pahang National Park Malaysia. The months of May through August are the best time for you to visit and observe these birds as well as to find the specific species of birds that you yearned all this time.

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Let’s Bird Watching at Taman Negara | Ways for Stress Management

“Birds without trees can never feel free”. Leena Ahmad Almashat, Harmony Letters (2011).

The best quote to represent humans ourselves, who dealt with so many uncertainties in life. We need time to heal, and we demand freedom to be free. Many suggesting that picking up a hobby will help a lot for stress management. Well then, bird watching activity is one of it guys!

Through the bird watching activity, it’s a natural way to channel your energy into something else. As a result, you get more relaxed, have fun things to do and get a little privacy for yourself.

So, anyone into birding?

Birding activity only needs a simple set of equipment. A set of eyeballs, some free time and a beautiful day. Walla!! It’s so simple and thrill, isn’t it?

Oh yes, if you like to go up to the pro level, ok then you need binocular. Other than that, some basic clothing for outdoor activities such as good boots, hat, and water tumbler will do during the birding hours in the forest.

Let’s go hunting some birdies!

In Taman Negara Pahang, we offered you many ways for the bird lovers to do their birding activity. Roughly, it’s either through the canopy walk or jungle trekking. Apart from that, we also have the accessibility for bird watching through a river crossing. Likewise, birding from the canopy walk, we will guide and bring you up to the mountain areas as well as along the jungle to have a close up look at your favourite bird species.

The real situation of birding activities in Taman Negara Pahang
We also organized the event for group basis as well as individual
We also organized the event for group basis as well as individual
Fascinated visitor birding at his favourite bird
A fascinated visitor birding at his favourite bird
Bird watching activity from the perspective of canopy walk
Bird watching activity from the perspective of the canopy walk
Birding directly from river-boat crossing
Birding directly from river-boat crossing

As can be seen, this activity is a relaxing thing to do. Surely, it will help a lot with your stress management or just simply a pleasure activity for family bonding.

Need more info and guidance? Call us today for further quotation and assistance.
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012-658 4456 | 012- 954 4566

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Educational Activity in Kuala Gandah |Taman Negara Pahang National Park Malaysia

Let’s talk about the second service offered in Kuala Gandah, shall we?! Can you guess what is it? It’s the Educational Activity! ?

This educational activity is more towards an interactive tour whereby the tourists and visitors will be allowed to be as close as possible with the elephants. Isn’t it fascinating?! Not only that, you will get to learn of the significant information on Pusat Konservasi Gajah Kuala Gandah (National Elephant Conservation Center Kuala Gandah). Do you know that this activity is classified as an exclusive one? Why?? Well, let me tell you why!

Usually, the Educational Activity at Taman Negara, National Park Malaysia will be starting at 10.30 a.m. with a briefing from our knowledgeable guides given to the visitors and tourists. Then, the visitors and tourists will be brought to explore the baby elephants’ paddock. In this particular Educational Activity, the guides will bring the visitors and tourists to the backside of the paddock. Why is it exclusive again? Because only those who signed up for this activity can explore the paddock this close. Throughout this activity, our guides will share every detail information about a baby elephant.

If you think exploring the paddock is exclusive and fun enough, wait until you get to hand-feed and pet the baby elephants! Well, if you want to know how does it feels like to touch an elephant’s bare skin, come and signed up for this Educational Activity! ?

The paddock and feeding sessions are definitely going to leave you with a great memory and experience. After that, the visitors and the tourists will be guided their way to the gallery whereby they will be exposed and taught on the method of catching and controlling a tame elephant at Taman Negara, National Park Malaysia. Don’t worry! Our guides are an expert at giving lectures and telling stories as they are full of humor! You will never get bored of listening to them. Haha!

After the gallery, we will be moving on to the ‘free-roaming area’. Here, the visitors and tourists can closely observe the adult elephants in doing their daily routines in the jungle. Aren’t you curious about what they did in the jungle??? ???

With the ‘free-roaming area’, it marks the end of the mesmerizing Educational Activity that is so compact with information, facts and great experiences. The visitors and tourists can grab some food at our Jumbo Café before continue with the afternoon session’s activity as per usual – afternoon activity can be read on our normal service’s post. Don’t forget to check it out!

Pssttt! Before I forgot, I wanted to tell you that this Educational Activity at Taman Negara, National Park Malaysia can be signed up as a group or individual. You will surely be satisfied with this exclusive activity! ? I will tell you more about what other services offered here in the next post alright?! Stay tuned!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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memancing di keniam

Keistimewaan Aktiviti Memancing di Sungai Keniam

Memancing di Sungai Keniam

Bak kata kaki-kaki ptancing yang pernah memancing di Sungai Keniam ini, salah satu lokasi hangat!, jika anda dapat menangkap ikan Kelah, lagi-lagi spesies Kelah Merah, bererti anda seorang pemancing yang hebat!

Eh kenapa pula kan?

Ini kerana ikan Kelah adalah ikan yang sangat sensitif dengan kawasan persekitaran atau boleh dikatakan ikan yang bijak sehinggakan bayang anda pun dapat dikesan dan tidak akan dihampiri oleh ikan Kelah ini. Bukan mudah untuk anda menggoda ikan Kelah ini untuk dijerat oleh umpan anda kerana terdapat banyak pantang-larang yang  perlu anda patuhi.  Umpannya pula bukan sebarangan. Biasanya para pemancing menggunakan umpan dari sawit peram.

Kerana itu, setiap kaki pancing pasti ingin mencabar diri sendiri untuk ke Sungai Keniam ini demi memenuhi hasrat untuk menangkap ikan Kelah Merah yang tinggi nilainya ini dan juga dilindungi oleh Taman Negara Pahang. Kerana itu, jika anda ingin memancing disini, anda perlu mendapatkan dua jenis lesen iaitu Lesen Memasuki Taman Negara dan juga Lesen Memancing.

Hari ini, penulis sempat menemuramah pemancing tegar di Taman Negara iaitu di Sungai Keniam. Beliau memaklumkan, untuk mendapatkan ikan disini ia bergantung kepada nasib dan juga teknik memancing kita.

Disini kebiasaannya pemancing memancing raja ikan iaitu ikan kelah. Ia adalah spesis ikan kelah merah. Untuk mendapatkannya bukan lah mudah. Ikannya sangat mahal di pasaran.

Tips memancingnya adalah:

  • Guna baju yang gelap. Tidak digalakkan guna baju gelap. Ada sesetangah pemancing tegar membuka baju ketika memancing dan menyorok di tempat yang tersorok.
  • Guna tali yang sesuai iaitu 8 paun hingga 15 paun. Lebih baik menggunakan tali hantu. Jika tali nya tebal sangat, ikan kelah sensitif dengan kehadiran tali pancing tebal.
  • Elakkan guna batu atau kili. Ikan yang sensitif ini akan mengesan kehadiran benda asing dengan pantas.
  • Buru ikan ini di lubuk-lubuk yang sesuai.
  • Apabila ada rezeki mendapat ikan kelah sekali di lubuk yang sempit, sebaik-baiknya pindahlah ke lubuk yang lain. Jika lubuk itu luas, tidak perlu pindah. Cuma perlu menunggu lama sedikit untuk mendapat ikan seterusnya.
  • Ikat pancing, untuk mengelakkan pancing terbang akibat umpan disambar ikan sungai yang ganas.

Sebelum tiba ke Sungai Keniam, pemancing akan bertolak dari Kuala Tahan ke Kuala Keniam melalui Sungai Tembeling. Jarak dari Jeti Kuala Tahan dari Kuala Sungai Keniam adalah 2 jam. Kemudian ke Lata Said melalui Sungai Keniam kira-kira 2 jam.

Seboleh-bolehnya, datang sehari awal dan tidur di AsiaCamp Resort, Taman Negara. Ini kerana pemancing akan bertolak ke Jeti Kuala Tahan di awal pagi. Pancing perlu mendaftar permit dan pancing di Taman Negara.  Lesen joran adalah sebanyak RM10 1 joran. Sebaik-baiknya bawa 3 joran sahaja untuk memudahkan pemerhatian terhadap pemancingan.

Pemancing akan bergerak ke Kuala Keniam anggaran pada pukul 9.00 pagi ke Kuala Keniam. Sampai di Kuala Keniam, pemancing akan mengambil pack lunch. Ini kerana perjalanan masuk ke Sungai Keniam agak mencabar.

Sewaktu ini, pemancing perlu menggunakan kasut getah untuk digunakan ketika berjalan di sungai. Ini kerana untuk mengelakkan sakit kaki ketika berjalan di sungai. ini kerana ada beberapa tempat berhenti untuk menolak bot di jeram yang cetak. Walaubagaimanapun, pemancing tidak perlu menolak bot, tekong akan menolak bot sendiri.Kebiasaannya pemancing juga akan turut membantu menolak bot.

Sebelum tiba di Lata Said, tempat pemancing akan berkhemah dan tidur, pemancing boleh singgah di beberapa lubuk. Di sepanjang Sungai Keniam terdapat banyak lubuk-lubuk yang popular iaitu Petai, Rawa, Panjang, Perkai, Rincing, Batu Terubung dan lubuk-lubuk kecil yang lain.

Apabila di Lata Said, tekong akan memasang khemah berbentuk V. Pemancing juga boleh membawa khemah sendiri untuk lebih privacy. Tekong juga akan memasak sepanjang aktiviti pemancingan.

Baiklah, selain ikan kelah, ikan Sebarau juga menjadi buruan. Tidak seperti ikan kelah, yang menggunakan teknik deep fishing, baling dan biar. Ikan sebarau dan ikan kelah biasanya menggunakan teknik casting. Teknik casting adalah teknik pemancingan baling dan tarik dengan kadar yang bersesuaian. Pemancing boleh mencuba pelbagai cara teknik casting iaitu menggunakan

  • umpan kilat, umpan yang bersisik dan berkilau menarik perhatian ikan.
  • Rapala jenis terapung di atas air.

Ikan Sebarau di Keniam

Ikan Sebarau di Keniam

Elakkan casting menggunakan umpan jenis deep fishing kerana umpan akan sangkut di tunggul kayu dan batu.

Antara tip lain yang boleh dikongsikan dari kaki pancing yang pernah ke sini adalah mencari lubuk yang terdapat biawak. Kerana mengikut hukum alam, biawak sebagai pemangsa akan mencari mangsanya (ikan). Lebih besar saiz biawak, lebih cerah peluang untuk anda mendapat jumlah tangkapan yang anda harapkan. Mudah-mudahan.

Selain itu, boleh juga gunakan anak ikan keli untuk memancing ikan toman. Anak ikan keli tidak ada dijual di Taman negara. Boleh siap- siap beli sebelum masuk ke Taman Negara.

Di samping itu, Kuala Perkai pula adalah sebuah lokasi pilihan yang popular untuk pengunjung berkhemah dan boleh memalui jalan darat jika anda seorang yang kental untuk merentas hutan yang jauhnya kira-kira 28km dari Kuala Tahan. Anda mempunyai pilihan sama ada ingin mendirikan khemah sendiri atau bermalam di Kuala Perkai Fishing Lodge yang disediakan.

Hasil memancing di keniam

Tentang Gunung Tahan

Pemandangan Gunung Tahan dari Gunung Tangga Lima Belas
Sumber :

Pencinta sukan mendaki bukit dan gunung pasti teringin untuk menawan puncak tertinggi di Semenanjung Malaysia, Gunung Tahan. Cabaran untuk mendakinya boleh tahan mencabar seperti namanya dimana anda memerlukan masa berhari-hari untuk sampai ke puncak. Malah, anda perlu melepasi cabaran merentasi hutan, meredah sungai, naik turun bukit dan bermalam di hutan. Oleh itu, pendakian gunung paling mencabar ini adalah sesuatu yang anda perlu buat persediaan secukupnya.

Walaupun puncak Gunung Tahan ini (2,187 meter) adalah lebih rendah dari gunung tertinggi di Malaysia iaitu Gunung Kinabalu (4,095 meter), cabaran pendakian Gunung Tahan ini adalah sesuatu yang luar biasa perbezaannya.

Info Gunung Tahan

A. Gunung keenam tertinggi di Malaysia.

B. Terletak di Banjaran Tahan.

C. Dipenuhi hutan yang tebal dengan pokok balak, lumut dan bonsai.

D. Keadaan dan struktur permukaan trek yang berbeza-beza. Ada jalan yang landai, berakar dengan curam sehingga 90 darjah, perlu meredah sungai, jalan yang berlumpur dan juga jalan yang penuh dengan batu-batu.

C. Cuaca yang tidak tetap. Adakala panas, adakala hujan, adakala berkabus, adakala ditemani guruh dan suhu boleh mencapai sehingga 8 darjah celcius jika di Kem Botak dan puncak.

D. Sehari hanya 48 orang pendaki sahaja dibenarkan naik dan memerlukan seorang juruhaluan bagi setiap 12 orang pendaki.

E. Terdapat dua jenis laluan pemula yang boleh dipilih iaitu laluan Kuala Tahan dan Merapoh/Sungai Relau.

F. Suhu di puncak akan lebih sejuk di antara Disember hingga Januari.

Sedikit Tip

Sememangnya tidak mustahil sekiranya anda memilih untuk mendaki Gunung Tahan ini secara berseorangan. Namun, jika dibandingkan kos yang anda perlu keluarkan, dengan tahap cabaran yang akan anda hadapi, mampu membuat anda rasa tidak berbaloi melainkan anda pergi secara berkumpulan.

Berikut adalah tip-tip persediaan sebelum mendaki Gunung Tahan:-

1. Pastikan anda telah melakukan latihan untuk menguatkan fizikal dan mental serta dapatkan stamina yang optimum.

2. Bawa barang yang perlu dan ringan seperti khemah yang diperbuat dari bahan yang ringan dan tahan lasak, baju yang tidak tebal tetapi mempunyai pengudaraan yang bagus, mudah kering dan sebagainya.

3. Bawa powerbank untuk anda caj telefon dan juga kamera.

4. Bawa pakaian yang boleh memanaskan badan anda di tempat yang sejuk.

5. Bawa ubat nyamuk, ubat anti pacat dan ubat-ubatan lain jika ada kecemasan berlaku.

6. Bawa beg perlindungan kalis air bagi melindungi alat elektronik anda.

Ikan Kelah Raja Si Air Tawar

Harga seekor ikan kelah di pasaran kini boleh mencecah sehingga RM200 hingga RM300 sekilo dan kira-kira RM1,000 seekor. Raja si air tawar ini adalah ikan yang sangat licik dan tangkas hinggakan ia sangat sukar ditawan oleh para pemancing. Selain itu, isi dagingnya yang mempunyai tekstur halus, rasanya yang lazat dan sisiknya yang boleh dimakan menjadikan ikan kelah sebagai buruan bagi pencinta sukan memancing ikan air tawar.

Di Malaysia, spesies ikan kelah merah banyak terdapat di Pahang, Terengganu dan Kelantan iaitu spesies Tor  tamroides. Tempat biasa ikan kelah belindung, diami dan berlegar adalah kawasan yang mempunyai dasar berbatu dan berkayu di sepanjang kawasan hilir sungai. Terdapat juga spesies yang memilih untuk mendiami kawasan yang lebih luas dan dalam.

Apabila tiba musim untuk ikan kelah mengawan, mereka akan berenang melawan arus sungai untuk bermigrasi menuju ke hulu sungai. Di sini terdapat kawasan yang mempunyai sungai-sungai kecil yang akan djadikan sebagai tempat ikan kelah melepaskan telur-telurnya.

Keistimewaan fizikal ikan kelah ini adalah bentuk badannya yang tirus memberikan lebih kemampuan untuk berenang melawan arus dan meredah jeram. Saiz ikan kelah betina yang matang adalah lebih besar dari kelah jantan. Makanan mereka adalah alga, ikan-ikan kecil, katak, serangga, buah-buahan dan bunga-bungaan yang gugur dari pepohon yang hidup di tepi sungai.

Di Taman Negara, ikan kelah adalah spesies yang dilindungi di Santuari Kelah bermakna pengunjung tidak dibenarkan memancing atau menangkap ikan ini. Di sini pengunjung dapat memberi makan, bermesra dengan ikan kelah ini. Makanan yang dibenarkan untuk diberi kepada ikan kelah ini hanyalah palet khas yang boleh dibeli di kedai yang terdapat disitu. Ini kerana makanan tersebut dibuat khas untuk memelihara kualiti ikan kelah disini.

Pada Mei 2018, Taman Negara Pahang telah membuat pengisytiharan bahawa aktiviti memancing telah dibenarkan bersama syarat-syarat dan peraturan iaitu hanya di lokasi Sungai Tahan.

Memerhati Burung di Taman Negara Kuala Tahan

Aktiviti rekreasi yang santai dan mesra alam yang anda boleh masukkan di dalam senarai aktiviti sepanjang anda berada di Taman Negara ini adalah aktiviti memerhati burung-burung liar. Taman Negara Kuala Tahan yang cukup terkenal dengan keunikannya sebagai hutan hujan tropika yang sudah berusia lebih dari 130 juta tahun ini, menjadi ‘kediaman’ kepada kira-kira 380 spesies burung liar yang terdapat di Malaysia dan setiap dari mereka adalah unik dari segi warna bulu, saiz dan susuk tubuh yang bervariasi.

Selepas Bukit Fraser, Taman Negara Kuala Tahan ini adalah ‘Syurga’ kedua pemerhati burung liar yang diwujudkan sebagai salah satu usaha untuk mengembangkan lagi industri eko pelancongan di negeri Pahang. Dalam situasi penerokaan hutan yang sedang rakus di Malaysia kini dimana ia banyak menjejaskan ekosistem flora dan fauna, Taman Negara mengambil inisiatif untuk menjadikan flora dan fauna sebagai produk utama dalam industri eko pelancongan ini.

Terdapat 479 spesies burung telah dikenal pasti hidup di Taman Negara ini termasuklah tujuh daripadanya adalah spesies burung yang datang dari luar negara antaranya Bangau Kendi, (Cattle Egrets) Berek-berek Tadah Hujan (Blue-throated Bee-eater) dan juga Lang Baza (Black Baza). Burung-burung yang berasal dari negara beriklim sejuk ini dikatakan dalam perjalanan ke Selatan dan singgah di sini ketika bulan September hingga Disember sebelum pulang semula ke negara asal untuk bertelur.

Bulan Mei sehingga Ogos dikatakan sebagai waktu terbaik untuk anda datang dan memerhati burung di sini dan  anda dapat menemukan spesies burung yang tertentu di kawasan-kawasan yang tertentu. Selain itu, pencinta burung juga pasti akan teruja untuk melihat 19 spesies burung terancam yang hidup di sekitar Taman Negara ini.

Dikatakan bahawa burung-burung liar ini agak sensitif dengan kehadiran manusia terutamanya bunyi bising dari langkah tapak kaki dan suara manusia. Akhir sekali, pasti anda akan terngiang-ngiang dan rindukan siulan burung liar yang sangat mendamaikan jiwa dan menyegarkan semangat sepanjang anda berada disini.