Camping at Taman Negara

Camping at Taman Negara

Get Closer to Nature by Camping at the Taman Negara

When you decide to go on a holiday to explore the National Park, don’t forget to add the camping activities at the National Park. I assure you a great time and a great new experience to be shared with family and friends. Most of us, when asked “when was the last time you went for camping?” the common answer to that question would be when we were in high school.
This is a chance for you to experience camping in the million years old jungle while enjoying the sounds of the river stream nearby, covered with the aesthetic feeling of the jungle, and being sung by the crickets and more.

Camp Site at Taman Negara.

The campsites are close to many restaurants and the area is lit by bright lights. This location is also near the river where you can build a campfire, fishing on the sandy river with the less noisy atmosphere.

The location is at the AsiaCamp Taman Negara. Here, there is a campsite on the slope of the river which is safe from being submerged as the water rises. Not only can the visitors enjoy the tranquility of the river, but the campsite is just next to the national park forests which gives unique sentiment as there is no tourist activity here.

This allows for an exclusive atmosphere for the visitors to experience. In addition, AsiaCamp Taman Negara also provides air-conditioned halls and seminar rooms for any institution who wishes to host a large number of campers. Many activities can be done here including uniformed camps, motivational camps and team building camps.

You also can choose to camp at the Lubuk Tenor where it is more challenging and convenient for experienced campers. The location is around 3 hours or 30 minutes by boat from the headquarters office. Here, you will enjoy a spectacular river view, a nice swim with Ikan Kelah and camping experiences without toilets and restaurants.

In addition, there are other camping sites such as along the Tembeling River and also at the Kepayang Besar Cave.

When camping, there are a few things to keep in mind especially when you are here. Camping ethics must be maintained to keep the flora and fauna preserved.
Among the camping etiquettes are:

a. Set entertainment time:

When staying in a campsite, you must ensure that your activities will not disturb other campers. It is advisable to have your entertainment and fun time Preferably the time of relaxation and relaxation takes place before 10.00am.

b. Waste management must be implemented properly:

Manage your waste throughout the activity at a minimum rate. Too much waste created will just be a burden for the campers to manage. Therefore, any waste that is brought in must be taken out.

c. Do not pluck leaves or cut branches without any cause of emergency:

The growth rate of the tree is very slow. If the trees’ twigs and branches are crushed, it takes a long time for them to grow it back.

d. No stepping on rocks and tapping branches.

National park areas have become a worldwide tourist attraction. Therefore, we as Malaysians must set a good example for the world that we are capable of being an ideal tourist destination and exemplified by outsiders.

Safety Precautions

Camping activities can be a lot of fun, let alone make it a great experience to do it with friends. However, safety factors should be a priority to keep the camping activity goes smoothly.
Some of the safety precautions to be taken are:

a. Make sure the tent is properly locked

• The lighting at the campsite is usually at a minimal rate to allow us to see the forest in the distance. Excessive lighting will cause the panoramas of the surrounding forest to be overlooked. We must make sure the tent is locked to prevent the entry of insects and small animals. This type of animal is difficult to access due to the presence of human odor. However, a precautionary measure must be taken. It’s like when we are at home, we have to lock the house all the time, the same thing applies during camping.

b. Sweet or light snacks:

• When these kinds of foods have been opened, they must be eaten or tied neatly. When the ants enter the tent during the night, it is difficult for us to continue our activities as we need to concentrate and spend time on the cleaning work instead.

c. Covered shoes must be turned upside down and stored under the tent:

• Imagine if the shoes that were left all over the places and were occupied by the frogs, it may cause a ruckus in our campsite. Shoes should also be kept under the tent to avoid it from getting damp and eventually will ease the camping activity.

d. Any sharp appliance should be stored on the left front of the tent:

• Make sure the appliance is properly sealed and covered. Make this as the standard for all types of camping. When we sleep or rest, we already know where this appliance is placed to avoid any unexpected injuries.

e. Bags containing personal medicines are stored on the right side of the tent:

• Imagine when our friend has an asthma attack, he or she might need immediate treatment or medication to be consumed. In the event of an emergency, this medication can be taken immediately as we are already aware of its location.

f. Avoid camping near the water/riverside:

• There is a risk of being submerged in the water if you do so because the water level might rise overnight and may cause accidents. To avoid it happening, set your tent away from the water or riverside.
Make sure you create a complete list of essential items and search for specific tips and important things about camping activities. This is important to make sure your camping activity ends with a great memory and that you want to experience it again!

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