Birding in Taman Negara

Birding in Taman Negara

Birding in Taman Negara

Birding in Taman Negara at Kuala Tahan Taman Negara, National Park can be a relaxing and eco-friendly recreational activities that you can include in your list of activities while you are here. This place is well known for its unique rainforest for over 130 million years, is home to about 380 species of wild birds found in Malaysia and each of them is unique in color, size and shape of the body.

After the Fraser Hill, this Kuala Tahan is the second ‘paradise’ for bird watchers as it is created as part of an effort to further the eco-tourism industry in Pahang. In the current state of jungle exploration in Malaysia where it greatly affects the flora and fauna ecosystem, National Park is taking the initiative to make flora and fauna a major product of this eco-tourism industry.

There are 479 species of birds that have been identified in this National Park, including seven of them are from overseas birds such as Bangau Kendi, (Cattle Egrets) Berek-berek Tadah Hujan (Blue-throated Bee-eater) and Lang Baza (Black Baza). The birds from the cold climatic country are said to travel south and stop here from September to December before returning to their native state to lay eggs.

The months of May through August are said to be the best time for you to visit and observe the birds here and you can find specific species of birds in certain areas. In addition, bird lovers will also be thrilled to see 19 endangered species of wildlife living around the National Park.

It is said that these wild birds are sensitive to the presence of humans, especially the noise from footsteps and human voices. Last but not least, you will miss the wild bird’s chirping that is soothing and refreshing throughout your stay.

Lets go birding!

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