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Why Malaysia can become among the best Country to visit after COVID-19?

Why Malaysia can become among the best Country to visit after COVID-19?

As COVID-19 pandemic put the tourism fall down, we Malaysian are dedicated to prepare a hand for all citizen around the world for coming to Malaysia.

We believe the power of tourism can exchange the positive culture to all human being. From the eyes of Malaysian people, we are welcome to all visitor to visit Malaysia.

Here are the reason why we believe Malaysia can become among the best Country to visit after COVID-19:

A. Our record shows that we break the chain of pandemic early than expected.

We are denying the stastistic of world agency on prediction of COVID-19. The number of outbreaks in the outbreak was 4,817 cases so far compared with the JP Morgan agency’s estimate of 6,000.

Furthermore, China Global TV Network (CGTN) lists Health Director-General of Malaysia, Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah among the top 3 doctors in the world among Covid-19 public health officials along with Dr Anthony Fauci of the United States and Ashley Bloomfield of New Zealand.

B. We proof that our citizen are obidient to goverment order. We agree on democracy. Everyone should have the right to move freely from one place to another place. However, we manage to follow order of goverment for the sake of breaking the chain of COVID-19.

It shows to all of our visitor, Malaysia can become a safe place to visit as we tend to follow the instruction from goverment. We want to break the chain of the pandemic as soon as possible to welcome the world to out country.

C. A Russian cargo engineer who got sick during Movement Control Order who asking for food after running out of money was sent to the Russian Embassy today.

Temerloh district police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Yusri Othman said the 42-year-old was sent by police to the Russian Embassy by the help of local people.

That fact shows that our citizen are very supportive. Again, dont worry about your safety at Malaysia. Malaysian people will help you if anything you need.

Welcome to Malaysia.
Welcome back!
Visit to Malaysia!

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