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5 Coolest Activities for Kids at Taman Negara Malaysia

Bring along your little ones to the national park can be a very challenging task. Parenting while monitoring their safety in the national park will be very hectic and exhausting. But, hey wait! We guarantee you, with our safety policy and commitments, you can rest assured to have fun with your kids while exploring the mother nature in our national park. Take a look at these 5 coolest activities your kids can explore at our Taman Negara Pahang National Park today.

Become a junior ranger

We have programs specifically designed to help the kids to earn self-esteem and teamwork while completing various activities. Using the mother nature as the context settings, the kids are bringing forward to see the jungle creatures in a close distance. A proper shoe and thin outdoor clothing will help them move faster and comfortably in a hot tropical climate.

Peek-a-boo at jungle birds

At Taman Negara Pahang, there are several spots to observe and birding. With more than 500 species of birds, the kids will experience exciting sounds and colors in hunting for the bird count.

Cute kids with the river!

Feeding a pool of giant Masheer Fish

This is a must-try program for your kids. Feeding and swimming with the giant Masheer fish is indeed a super awesome and fun thing for the family trip. In Kelah Fish Sanctuary, you are allowed to feed, touch, swim or even catch these giant fish. Only if you can catch them. They are really fast runners and active fish!

Family bonding with Kelah fish

Try a canopy walk tour

This canopy tour takes place about 20 to 30 minutes walking. It is the longest suspension bridge in the world. Your kids will be thrilled at their height and the view it has to offer. Just beware of hairy monkeys and need to monitor the kids not to feed the monkeys. The best age to participate in the canopy tour are children aged 5/6 and above.

At the hanging bridge of Taman Negara Pahang

Go on bathing the Pygmy Elephants

Sure, the children will love the activity pretty much. Feeding, bathing and grooming the elephants are fun activities offered in Kuala Gandah Elephants Sanctuary. If you are lucky, you also get the opportunity to bath and care for the elephant’s baby. The elephant baby is so much naughty and loves playing a ball! Let’s them crawling and dirty themselves with these elephant babies.

A super awesome activity with the Pygmy Elephant

Don’t miss the chance to have fun with us and try these coolest activities at our Taman Negara Malaysia. We await for you to venture the mother nature with us!

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